Chapter 22

The water became shallow quickly, and she hit land.

She stood up and saw several vehicles with flashing lights arriving at the shoreline. Several men ran over, pulling Lorcan and Kai onto the sand.

A man approached her. “Are you okay ma’am?” He handed her a blanket.

She nodded. “Please help them. Are they all right?”

“We’re taking them to emergency now. Did you just bring them in from that accident?” He pointed out in the distance where the flames from the boat explosion still soared into the air.

Several small boats were discharged to the scene to rescue any survivors. Lorcan and Kai were both placed in the same emergency vehicle, and she followed them inside.

In the hospital emergency room, they were pushed into separate areas divided by a curtain. She darted back and forth between them, checking on their conditions.

Soon, Lorcan opened his eyes. He blinked and looked at her as if he’d never seen her before.


“Who are you?”

She knew this would happen. She had crossed time and space dimensions.

Lorcan wouldn’t remember her.

This was his world.

This was his life.

And she wasn’t part of it.

Faye withdrew. “I’m sorry. I made a mistake. I thought you were someone else.”

A beautiful woman rushed to his bedside. From outside the curtain, Faye could hear her fussing over him.

“What did you do on that boat, Lorcan? Look at you! You’re a mess.”

“Don’t be mad, Orla. I thought it was the last job…”

“No job or money is going to worth your life…”

“Please don’t cry. I won’t do that again, I promise …”

Faye shivered.

The room wasn’t cold, but the chill from an evil aura brushed over her. Whatever it was, it had followed Orla here.

Faye had encountered many magical creatures before, but she had never felt anything like this.

It was nasty and it wanted something from Lorcan and Orla. 

Should she tell them? Lorcan didn’t recognize her. This wasn’t her world, she reminded herself.

They wouldn’t believe her.

She saw the doctors walking out of Kai’s room. She rushed over.

“Excuse me, is he okay now?”

“I’m sorry, ma’am, he’s lost a lot of blood. If you’re his next of kin, you might want to say a few last words. But you’ll have to hurry.”

Her world stopped.

“What did you just say?”

“Your man is dying …”

She understood what they were saying. But she refused to believe.

She ran to the bed.

It was the first time she had seen Kai like this.

Her warrior lay there, lifeless.

The pain in her heart was unbearable.

It was like a hole had been ripped in her heart and soul, an empty space she would never be able to fill.

What Lorcan had said on the boat made perfect sense now. She had overlooked this. She had never appreciated what she’d had.

It was Kai who had always stood by her no matter what.

She stared at the machine, which suggested his pulse was weakening by the second.

She could not accept this.

She held his hand and looked out to the darkening sky outside.

“Shaman of the Black Mountain, I’m calling you, wherever you are. I am in your debt as I promised, and I am calling you as I promised. I am at a loss. Please help me.”

A cold breeze rushed in through the window and cracked the glass.

The entire hospital was blacked out.



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