The Multiverse Collection is written by D.N. Leo. The first book, Random Psychic, was published in 2015. To date, the collection comprises multiple series that share the following characteristics:

A Universe of Interconnected Stories

The concept of a 'multiverse' takes center stage, connecting worlds ranging from enchanting, magical realms to the familiar nuances of urban life. This diverse setting lays the foundation for narratives rich in variety and depth, offering something for every reader.

Each series within the Multiverse Collection stands as a tale on its own while intricately connecting to a grander, overarching narrative. 

Characters at the Heart of the Journey

The soul of the Multiverse Collection lies in its characters. Richly developed, they navigate complex emotional landscapes and moral quandaries. Their journeys, marked by personal relationships and romances, are not just about the destinations but the transformative experiences along the way.

Characters in the multiverse are often at a crossroads, where their decisions not only shape their own fate but echo across the multiverse, illustrating the profound impact of choice in a world of predestined paths.

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Mirror and Realms: the inaugural bestseller series spanning 13 books. Meet Madeline, a journalist with the power to alter the fairy world. Yet, amidst mystical wonders, she finds rewriting her own love story to be her greatest challenge. A story where magic meets the complexities of the heart.

In Gisborne's supernatural world, witch Jasmine, implicated in a crime, teams up with skeptical Detective Bertram from Melbourne. As they navigate danger and unravel mysteries, their growing bond and challenging adventures blend into a thrilling tale of romance, action, and suspense, reminiscent of Charm meeting Outlander.

Ivy, a sassy psychic running a family security business, faces a crisis as dark magic threatens her legacy. Enter Killian, a brooding alpha shapeshifter offering financial aid in exchange for protection against a complex curse. As secrets emerge, they navigate a world balancing between enchantment and danger, igniting forbidden love.



In London's mystical underbelly, sorceress-thief Orla and hacker-spellcaster Lorcan share a dangerous romance. A spellbound heist plunges them into a world of dark forces and betrayal. As ancient relics whisper and digital secrets loom, their love becomes a beacon amidst chaos, challenging their past and shaping their destiny.

In a dark, underwater twist on 'The Little Mermaid,' Jo, a supernatural computer genius, joins forces with her estranged husband Tadgh, a commanding leader, in Nepolymbus—a realm of sirens and sea witches. Amidst a civil war, their rekindled love and high-tech prowess confront ancient magic in a treacherous, deep-sea mission.