A Love That Burns Through Time

Dive headfirst into the "Soul of Ashes" saga, where sparks fly in a fusion of cosmic duty and raw, earthy desire. Princess Lyla isn't your typical royal—she's a star-kissed warrior with the universe in her pulse and a problem on her hands. When Eudaiz's defenses waver, she plunges to Earth to battle more than just digital specters—she's fighting for her realm's survival.

Enter Michael—hardened streetwise, commander extraordinaire, and her unexpected Achilles' heel. He's the yin to her yang, the pepper to her salt, the unexpected swipe-right on her cosmic dating app. Together, they're dynamite, ready to explode with every challenge that dares to face them.

But as they chase shadows through time and tangle with magic wilder than Lyla's untamed heart, a romance brews that's too fiery to ignore. She's wielding the elements; he's disarming her with a glance. It's less 'Lady meets Tramp' and more 'Queen collides with Knight,' in a world where love could be their most potent spell or their most perilous adventure yet.

Will their love story soar high or shatter like a star? "Soul of Ashes" doesn't just simmer; it sizzles with a tale of passion and power where every heartbeat is a battle cry, every look a sonnet, and every kiss a conquest that could ripple through the fabric of time


The series is available in e-book, audio, and print formats. Lyla and Michael appeared in several series, and thus this series is a perfect addition to other boxed-sets. 

The excusive edition of this series is available in the membership area including Megastar Library, Multiverse Story Club and Rental. 

Books in the Series:

  1. Fire at Crossroad
  2. Fire Summoner
  3. Fire Destroyer
  4. The Third Wish


Fire at Crossroad - Soul of Ashes 1



Fire Summoner - Soul of Ashes 2



Fire Destroyer - Soul of Ashes 3




The Third Wish - Short Story

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