Humanity's last hope rests with Jo—brilliant, indomitable, and unyielding. Her mission is as deep and treacherous as the sea itself: dive into Nepolymbus, snatch an artifact from the clutches of civil war, and surface before the world above is lost. Jo's mantra? Retrieve, return, and resist. But old ghosts swim in deep waters, and Jo's past—riddled with secrets and steeped in magic—is catching up fast.

Enter Tadgh—estranged husband, unexpected comrade-in-arms, standing with her against the rising tide. Their love, once shipwrecked by lies and curses, faces the ultimate trial by water. Will their fractured bond survive the storm of revelations Jo has fought to keep in the depths?

"Merworld" is a maelstrom of romantic fantasy, where high-stakes adventure meets high-tech prowess and ancient sorcery. Jo's journey is a gauntlet that challenges the heart and soul. Can she conquer the swirling abyss without yielding to the darkness within? In a realm where every alliance is as mutable as water and every love story is a battle cry, Jo must confront the ultimate dilemma—embrace her formidable destiny or be crushed by its weight.


Dare to dive into "Merworld," where Jo's iron will clashes with fates untamed and every choice can quell the storm or unleash chaos. Hold your breath. The plunge is as perilous as it is profound.

The trilogy is available in e-book, audio, and print formats.

The excusive edition of this series is available in the membership area including Megastar Library, Multiverse Story Club and Rental. 

Books in the Series:

  1. Heart of Siren
  2. Soul of Siren
  3. Karma of Siren
  4. Pisces - Novella


Heart of Siren - Merworld 1



Soul of Siren - Merworld 2