Step into the future where enchantments sizzle and swords clash—welcome to 2999, where Alyna, a mage and martial arts maestro, forges her tale. Her world is one of shadowed temples and hidden keys, and as guardian of the Scorpion Temple, she’s as unyielding as the mysteries she protects.

Then there’s Caedmon—a prince not of charming façades, but of earnest quests and a warmth that could turn the tide of any battle. He's here for the Scorpion Key, but destiny has more in store than a simple snatch-and-grab. With a romance spun from stardust and spellwork, he’s ready to be the flame to Alyna’s steel.

In "Mage of Bloodstone," Alyna's no damsel in distress; she's the knight and the dragon, a powerhouse with a punch. And Caedmon? He's the minstrel with a mission, serenading not just her defenses, but also the walls around her heart.

Their alliance is a dance of frost and fire, where every step could be a misstep into mayhem or a waltz into wonder. And as their world teeters on the brink of an icy apocalypse, their love becomes the wild card, the joker in a pack of fate and fury.

Will the beastly mage soften under the beauty of Caedmon's soulful serenade? Can true love's kiss come not from lips, but from the melding of spirit and strength?


The series is available in e-book, audio, and print formats. Alyna and Caedmon appeared in several series, and thus this series is a perfect addition to other boxed-sets. 

The excusive edition of this series is available in the membership area including Megastar Library, Multiverse Story Club and Rental. 

Books in the Series:

  1. Light of Demon
  2. Shade of Darkness
  3. Ash of Scorpio


Ash of Scorpio - Mage of Bloodstone 1



Light of Demon - Mage of Bloodstone 2



Shade of Darkness - Mage of Bloodstone 3