Chapter 23

Kai opened his eyes to see Faye’s beautiful face smiling at him. He smiled back, but it probably looked more like a wince. He ached everywhere. His body felt useless.

Faye traced her finger over his chest. “Toughen up, soldier,” she said.

He recalled the what happened and remembered the sensation of the blade penetrating his body.

“I was—”

“Stabbed. And almost died.”

“But I didn’t. Where’s Lorcan? Did you get the key?”

She placed a finger over his lips to stop him from talking. “It’s all figured out. Lorcan is safe and sound. And the best part is…you are alive. I would hate to have to recruit a new guard.”

“I didn’t do a very good job on the boat.”

“If you hadn’t, we wouldn’t be here.”

“I can’t believe I survived.”

“I called in a favor from an old friend.”

“What favor? Which friend? What did this cost you?”

She locked her lips with his to stop his words. He felt as if he was melting into her. He could feel her body vibrating with emotion.

She finished with the kiss. Maybe he shouldn’t say anything, because if she did that one more time, his head would explode.

“My friend fixed you. You’re alive and well. That’s all that matters.”

“Where are we?”

She smiled. “Black Mountain.”

His heart sank when he heard the name of the origin of her prophecy. He didn’t care for the details because he knew that even if they survived Black Mountain, it would be a very long way home.




* * *

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