The Taleweaver Series - Novel Edition

Book 1- Stealth Water


The Taleweaver series is a transmedia fiction saga spanning both novels and games. The novels are accessible in various formats including e-books, audiobooks, print, and serialized editions. Meanwhile, the games are offered in tabletop RPG (TTRPG) format.

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Below, you will find a description of the novel and sample chapters from Stealth Water, the first book in the series.

stealth water taleweaver book 1 novel by dn leo 

Stealth Water Description

When fairytales balance on a knife-edge, the multiverse games only have room for one winner.

Cinderella's capture has set the stage; the fate of every fairy teeters on the brink.

Enter Sylara, the Crossworld pirate who lives a life of chaos and never gets caught, and Kael, the stoic guardian whose life's work is to maintain order.

Two forces of nature, destined never to meet—until fate intervenes. 

As their strategies unfold against a backdrop of dark magic, the question isn't just whether they can save Cinderella—it's whether they can navigate the storm of their own brewing romance.

The real danger is not when they fight against shapeshifters and mercenaries, but when they confront their own dark secrets and the codes by which they live.

Their codes suggest: the multiverse might be too small for them to share.If the strategic genius of "Money Heist" and the magical allure of "Once Upon a Time" captivate you, "Stealth Water" is your next adventure.

If you love enemies-to-lovers and forbidden love tropes, this is your must-read.

Pick up the first book in the Taleweaver series to discover the ultimate prize to save fairytales.






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The Taleweaver series expands upon the storyline of the Mirror and Realm series, the most beloved entries in the Multiverse Collection. Captain Sylara Black and the baby dragon, Jix, characters introduced in Stealth Water, originally hail from the Merworld Trilogy.

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