The Multiverse Games

by Leo & Fox

Creating Worlds Where Every Story Is an Invitation to Dream


The Multiverse Games invite you on an extraordinary journey, offering a seamless blend of rich storytelling and interactive gameplay. This immersive world springs from the pages of the "Multiverse Collection," a series of novels penned by USA Today Bestselling author D.N. Leo.

The Team

D.N Leo, P.G. Fox and the creative team at D.N. Media and Narrative Land Publishing team up as Leo & Fox team to make the Multiverse Games a reality.

At the heart of Leo & Fox is a boundless passion for storytelling and innovation.  Our mission is to weave a rich tapestry of interactive experiences, where every story, game, and digital space is an invitation to dream, explore, and connect.

What We Do:

💞 Interactive TTRPG Adventures: Dive into the worlds of D.N. Leo like never before. Our tabletop role-playing games are not just about quests and battles; they're gateways to new stories, waiting to be shaped by your choices and imagination.

💞 Exclusive Content & Stories: For lovers of D.N. Leo's novels, Leo & Fox offers an ever-expanding universe of exclusive content. From specially written stories to audio adventures, our virtual community is a treasure trove for the curious and the adventurous.

💞 A Vibrant Community Platform: the Multiverse Community is a meeting place for dreamers from across the globe. Whether you're a long-time fan or new to our universes, here you'll find a home. 

Our Vision:

In every game, story, and conversation, we're not just creating content; we're building sanctuaries for the imagination. Leo & Fox stands for storytelling that embraces diversity, creativity, and inclusivity, inviting everyone to find a home within our worlds.

Join Us:

Whether you're seeking your next adventure, a story that speaks to your soul, or a community of like-minded dreamers, you've come to the right place. Explore, dream, and become part of something truly magical. 


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