Receiving a gift that explodes in front of everyone isn't a good way to start the day.  

Jasmine has left her complicated past behind, but the supernatural world doesn't want to leave her alone.  

Her perfect life in a small quiet town will end if she doesn't respond to the questions from the supernaturals. But doing so will expose her past, reveal her profile, and destroy her hope for a new normal life with a relationship she longs for.

She can fight.  

She can protect those she loves.  

But everything comes at a cost.

Does she have what it takes to earn her happiness?  

Sauvignon Secrets is the second installment of the Magic in the Vineyards paranormal mystery series. If you like small-town charm, supernatural mystery with a dash of romance, Magic in the Vineyards is the series for you.  

Bonus books included inside.