Standard bonus  

Jasmine’s Kitchen:  

1 Secret marinated olives,  

2 Vegetable chips,  

3 Magic crusted lamb racks.  

4 How a witch runs a vineyard  

5 Better than magic: food and wine pairing secrets.  

Bonus during release week  

6 Libra - A Crossworld Novel - by D.N. Leo  

7 Virgo - A Crossworld Novel - by D.N. Leo  

8 Pisces - A Crossworld Novel - by D.N. Leo  

9 Pineapple Murder - short story 1 - by Amy Vansant  

10 Pineapple Murder - short story 2 - by Amy Vansant 


Jasmine can sometimes track emotions, and because of that, the coven considers her a talented witch.  

She knows the only thing she can do reliably well is cook. Mind tracking is only a side dish, and that ability is so unreliable she’s ashamed to claim it as a talent.  

Migrating to Gisborne years ago to keep a secret, her parents held important positions in the coven. Before she knows it, Jasmine—with limited talent and zero willingness—promised her parents she would manage the coven and keep their secret.  

Gisborne is a tranquil little town. Keeping secrets shouldn’t be a problem.  

Unfortunately, the tranquility of the town ends when a tourist is killed with a bottle of cabernet sauvignon produced by the vineyard she manages.  

The city’s no-nonsense detective, Bertram Hayes, is normally the last person sent to investigate the occurrences in a small town. But the chief of his station dispatches him to Gisborne the very second he learns about the murder, because Detective Hayes has never lost a case.  

To keep the paranormal community at bay and their secret hidden, Jasmine and her friends must either convert the arriving detective into a believer and ask for his help, or point him toward a wrong direction.  

Neither solution is feasible at the moment…  

Cabernet Murder is the first installment of the Magic in the Vineyards paranormal mystery series. If you like small-town charm, food, wine, and mystery with a dash of romance, Magic in the Vineyards is the series for you.