Curse of Soulmate

Burning love. Deadly secrets. Haunting past.  

She can track anyone's mind, except the mind of a man she is supposed to spy on to save her best friend's life ...  

Being a journalist for a long time, Madeline has seen a lot of practical jokes. Unfortunately, this isn't one of them.  

Despite how much she dislikes her so-called mind tracking talent, the underground criminals need it. They'll kill her best friend, Jo, if she can't infiltrate a technologically unbreakable conglomerate in London, and find out the real identity behind an avatar.  

Madeline could use her professionally trained skills for a spy job. But she has two problems with this criminals' request.  

One, her mind tracking talent doesn't always work when she needs it.  

Two, the only database related task she could perform is to do a Google search. Her chance to ID an avatar is zero.  

She knows it isn't wise to tell the criminals about her issues, so she goes ahead with the mission. She maneuvers her way to get inside the company. But when she meets Ciaran, the head of the conglomerate, she discovers the third problem.  

He's irresistible... and he holds secrets that could destroy them both ...

Surge of Magic

Dark magic. True love. Chaos.  

Orla shouldn't have denied dark magic.  

But she did.  

Now, it comes after her and her loved ones. Refusing dark magic this time will be a big mistake. So, she negotiates with the supernatural forces, using their power to fight her sorcery enemies.  

She might be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire, but to protect her loved ones, she'd do whatever it takes.  

Surge of Magic is a romantic urban fantasy series in the Multiverse Collection by D.N. Leo. Grab the entire series and enjoy the world of love, magic, and thrilling action.

Creatures of Magic Series

Surge of Magic Series - Vol. 1 1. Spell Breaker 2. Fate Shifter 3. Cursed Stone 4. Magic Unborn  

5. Epilogue: Libra 6. Spin-off: Pisces

Merworld Trilogy - Vol. 2 1. Heart of Siren 2. Soul of Siren 3. Karma of Siren

Mage og Bloodstone

It's a curse to be the best.  

She was trained to be leader.  

She was taught to win combats.  

She is the best fighter in the most powerful mage operating private security company in the city. In the future Earth where all humans need protection from the supernatural forces, private security is a booming business.  

Unfortunately, no business can last long in such a chaotic world. When her mage tribe is in deep trouble, her talent alone couldn't save the day.  

To convince the only man who could help her mage tribe, she must do the unthinkable ...  

Mage of Bloodstone is a complete volume in the epic romantic fantasy Mage and Witch Saga series. The series offers adrenaline surged action, unimaginable twists and turns, and incredibly compelling characters.  

If you love supernatural thriller, magic, shape-shifting and time travel romance, this is the series for you.  

Grab the book and enjoy the journey  

Creatures of Magic  

Mage of Bloodstone Vol. 1 1. Light of Demon (B06Y234HZ1) 2. Shade of Darkness (B07PJF184T)  

Soul of Ashes - Vol. 2 1. Fire at Cross Road (B07232Y8K1) 2. Fire Summoner (B07CT6QGN9) 3. Fire Destroyer. (B07Q4HLTHJ)

Ghost of the Between World - Vol. 3 1. Soul Dealer 2. Soul Market