Thank you for your interest in my novels, and welcome to the Multiverse Collection. If you love novels that have elements of romantic fantasy, supernatural suspense, paranormal romance and supernatural thriller, you are at the right place.

I write about enduring relationships between fascinating characters. There are plenty of romance, action adventures and mysteries in the series, but without the relationships, the stories are not worth telling.  

I guarantee HEA endings in all novels, although, there will be sacrifices to get the rewards.  

I tell stories that happen at exotic places in the Multiverse, but I live on Earth, in a city called Melbourne, Australia. I live with my beloved husband and a grumpy cat, called Leo.  

The centre of the Multiverse Collection is a universe called Eudaiz. I created that name from the word Eudaimonia - an Aristotle's school of thought about happiness and personal worth. So, you can be confident that Eudaiz is a safe place to migrate to.

If you like the idea of the Multiverse, pick up a free book, and get reading! 

Again, welcome to the Multiverse. D.N. LEO USA Today Bestselling Author Melbourne, Australia, Earth - current time. 


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