Chapter 10

It had been quiet for a while. Lorcan was pretty sure Faye and the warrior had left the premises, so he opened his eyes and surveyed the room they’d put him in. High ceilings supported by large stone columns. Round shape. No windows. He figured the door was most likely locked from the outside.

He sat up. The quick, hard hit to the head from Kai had knocked him out because he hadn’t expected it. But he’d recovered shortly. He had kept his eyes closed and pretended to be unconscious to gather information. It had surprised him that Faye and Kai had conversed in English. He realized now that that although Kai had a slight accent, Faye spoke perfect English.

This wasn’t Earth, so who were they? And why did Faye refer to him as the keeper of the Key of Pisces?

He didn’t know much about this place and had no intention of spying on them. He knew for sure that he wasn’t on Earth, and he figured he was holding some information he wasn’t aware of. It seemed they all wanted him for that information.

He needed to get out of here.

He approached the door, and as he had thought, it was locked. He chuckled. It would be insulting if it took him more than five seconds to unlock it. He shouldn’t be too haughty, though, because he could tell this was only a residential house. The lock wasn’t designed to keep anyone inside.

He glanced around the room. Light pierced the small holes scattered about the wall. He approached them and peeked through one of the holes. He could see the landscape of the city, the same as before, vibrant and strange. He smiled to himself. It was land and air. Meaning, he could escape.

He picked the lock in four seconds and stepped out into a grand hallway flanked by white columns made of what looked like polished coral. A similar pattern was repeated in the large floor tiles. A million stars sparkled on the walls, creating a scene of the cosmos.

Lorcan shook his head in disbelief. The cosmos undersea? The resplendence confirmed what Kai had said—Faye wasn’t a commoner. Regardless of what world this was, this wasn’t an ordinary residence.

When he approached the end of the hallway, he saw the thin silvery fabric from the hem of Faye’s dress, the one she had worn at the hospital, in the gap under the door to a side room. The fabric moved in and out and sideways as if someone wearing the dress was moving around behind the door, not realizing part of it was visible from the hallway.

He glanced at the empty end of the corridor and inched forward, making a move to escape. Then he stopped at the door. He wasn’t going to sneak out. Faye had helped him and rescued him. She had put herself in danger by doing so. If he had doubts, he would ask Faye about them to her face.

He inhaled, left the door, and turned back to the side room.

Before he knocked, the door swung open. The couple who walked out hadn’t anticipated running into Lorcan. By all appearances and by the looks on their faces, they hadn’t expected to see anyone at all. The man’s shirt was undone, and his trousers hadn’t yet been zipped up.

The woman was wearing Faye’s dress. Her hair was tousled, and her face still blushed. Her lips were slightly swollen, obviously from recent sexual activity.

The woman yelped. The man hissed audibly and pulled out a short handgun that Lorcan had only seen in steampunk movies. He raised the gun at Lorcan and said something in Nepolymbian.


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